Printing with Linux made easy

Those of us who have been using UNIX based systems since the Dark Ages remember that printing was one of the most annoying, obnoxious, difficult to set up things about the whole thing. Those days are long gone. Today, printing with Linux is even easier than with Windows.

I’m serious.

Go out, buy a printer, throw away the driver CD that came with it, and just plug it in to your Linux system. This is what will happen:

Plug in your printer and start printing!
Firefox Print dialog

That’s right, no messing with drivers, no installing any stupid software that’s going to slow down your computer and cause you all sorts of headaches down the road, no extra drivers to install, you just plug it in and it works. Try that with Windows.

(This ease of use demonstration was performed on Fedora 9. Almost every printer manufactured through early 2008 is supported. For information overload, see