How do you change the Apache port for just a single domain on Plesk 11.0?

flexage asked:

I have a VPS running Plesk 11 with multiple Domains/Webspaces configured.

I am attempting to change the Apache port to 8080 on just one of the domains, so that Varnish Cache can sit on port 80. Nginx has already been disable in preparation for Varnish to take it’s place, and Apache is running on port 80 across all domains/vhosts.

Changing Varnish’s port is not a problem, I know how to do that. I’m just stumped with changing Apache’s port.

So far I’ve been unable to find how to do it, all the guides I’ve uncovered on my Google hunt have all been about changing Apache’s default port on a “global” level, which is not what I want to do….. just for a single domain/vhost.

Is anyone aware on the procedure to do this?

I answered:

This is pretty trivial:

Listen 8080

<VirtualHost *:8080>

Adjust as necessary.

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