How to find from what computer I connected to a current server

skwllsp asked:

I often work on one of available to me Linux/HP-UX servers (let’s say it is server1) and then do ssh server2 ((let’s say it is server2)) and start working on another Linux/HP-UX server. Then I can connect another server ((let’s say it is server3) and start working on it. While working on server3 how to get in command line information from what server I came from?

So on server3 I want to get information that I came from server2 and on server2 I want to get information that I came from server1? What is a command or utility for it?

I answered:

At least for Linux, who <arg> <arg> will display the host you connected from.

$ who hates java
error    pts/3        2013-11-20 08:35 (underground)

The HP/UX man pages indicate the same is true for that operating system. As it should be; I’ve been using this for decades on a variety of Unixes…

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