Debian 6 + ISPConfig 3: GoDaddy SSL certificate warning

Ren asked:

There is an issue I can’t get solved, GoDaddy Support can’t figure out and I couldn’t find any answer on Google.

This is my site:

As you might see, your browser might warn you that the SSL certificate is not trusted (for me Chrome works fine but FF and Safari warn me).

You can also check this using a SSL installation checking tool:
check SSL

On my server, I am using ISPConfig to create a CSR (request certificate).
Then I have keyed a certificate using the CSR generated by ISPConfig.
Then I download the Apache version of the certificate.

In the drop-down menu you can choose between Apache, Plesk, cPannel… but no ISPConfig

The choice of the drop-down menu is:



Exchange 2007

Exchange 2010





Mac OS X





Finally I have copied the certificate codes (using Wordpad) and the Bundle codes into ISPConfig SSL menu. I am not using SSH nor FTP at all (as ISPConfig is supposed to create the files

Do you know where the problem comes from ?

Am I using the right “Server Type” on the GoDaddy menu ?

I answered:

It looks like you forgot to install GoDaddy’s intermediate certificate bundle. GoDaddy should have sent you a copy of this with your certificate, or you can download it from them separately. Where exactly to upload it within ISPConfig is up to you, though; that’s not a typical professional system administration tool.

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