MySQL “lost” all data(InnoBD)

fhntv24 asked:

Today I was making some work with site and I get error what MySQL can’t rename file (to make changes in BD). Next I tried to restart MySQL, and it failed to stop MySQL. Then I did go to /var/lib/mysql and all I see is: ib_logfile0+1, ibdata1, and site folder, with tables that I was changing (not tables themselves, just #sql-b61_25a8e.MYI).

Can I recover my MySQL data? I don’t need all tables, because I have old backup of them. I just need that one table with all users (yea I was changing table with users) And yes, I did shutdown MySQL for some stupid reason.

I answered:

The table starting with #sql is just a temporary table and, if it’s not in use, can safely be deleted. MySQL creates this temporary table to perform the various ALTER TABLE operations that you request.

If your original operation never completed, then your data is still safely in its original table.

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