Bind outgoing SOCKS-server traffic to a specific IP

GetFree asked:

At the office we get access to the web via a SOCKS server which is started with the command:
ssh localhost -f -N -D *:8888.

This server has 2 IPs (but only one network card):
eth0 xx.yy.zz.1
eth0:1 xx.yy.zz.2

So the browsers are configured to use the socks proxy xx.yy.zz.2:8888

When I check what is the IP that websites see, it gives me xx.yy.zz.1 (the server’s default IP).
But I want it to be the other one (xx.yy.zz.2).

How can I bind the outgoing connections to the second IP?

I answered:

Did you see this bit in the ssh man page?

 -b bind_address
             Use bind_address on the local machine as the source address of
             the connection.  Only useful on systems with more than one

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