Do cellular network adapters (3G/4G/LTE) have MAC addresses?

John asked:

We are implementing SSH restrictions by restricting by MAC address in iptables.

Without the MAC address restrictions, using an app like iSSH, it’s easy to access my server on the go to check on it’s health or logs. I can add my key to the app so I can log in using key based authentication.

My phone’s WiFi has a MAC address I can add.

But do the 3G/4G/LTE adapters have a MAC address?

Otherwise, I believe my only solutions, if I want to access my server on mobile, are to not restrict by MAC address or only access my server on mobile when I’m connected to WiFi.

My answer:

Of course they have MAC addresses, but that won’t help you since you obviously can’t block based on them. Remember that MAC addresses are only visible and relevant on the directly connected link.

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