MariaDB on Centos7, service still called MySql

Gordon Hickley asked:

I have a Centos 7 server.

Removed previous MariaDb 5.5 and installed MariaDb 10 following

Added the MariaDB YUM Repository,and then executed:

sudo yum install MariaDB-server MariaDB-client

All good, then when I try to run:

sudo systemctl start mariadb

I get:

Failed to start mariadb.service: Unit mariadb.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

Yet if I run:

 sudo systemctl start mysql

Works and starts MariaDb. On a different server I can start MariaDb by calling it MariaDb not MySql as on this instance. I’m finding this a bit annoying. Have repeatedly removed MariaDb, rm -r /var/lib/mysql* but to no avail.

My question is: How can I manage the MariaDb service by it’s correct name?

My answer:

The name that MariaDB chose to give the service is mysql. If you want to see this changed, file a bug report with them and give them a very good argument.

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