KVM cloning windows 2012 r2 domain controllers

patmct asked:

First sorry for my bad English i am French ! ;-))

Cloning DC is a new feature from Windows serveur 2012 r2
I use to use it cause it’s very very usefull and simple for add other domain controllers in a Active Directory Domain
To do that the hypervisor who is use need to support what is call the “VM-Generation ID”
Hyper-v and VmWare does !

But my client want to use only KVM as Hypervisor !!

So my question is :

Is KVM support “VM-Generation ID” and so is FULLY the DC cloning feature of Windows 2012 r2 ?

As you can imagine … i had to be absolutly sure of this point before suggest this solution to my client
So ? KVM Really ok for cloning ??

If yes … in addition …
Did you know from what number of version it is possible ?
And Where i can find a real validation by KVM themself on the net ?
(i search but found nothing on that point from them …)

Thanks to all for helping …

My answer:

On KVM, VM-GenerationID support is currently a work in progress. It hopefully will be finished sometime in the next few months.

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