Win7 KVM guest with Virtio network driver can't connect to network

grindstone asked:

I have a ubuntu 15 and KVM. I have an XP guest that appears to basically work. I then set up a Win7 64 bit guest. It would not connect to the LAN.

Then I found out about virtio drivers. I downloaded them and burned them to a dvd that is guest accessible. In the KVM manager I changed the NIC setup for that guest to <network source: Host Device br0 (Empty Bridge)> and <device model: virtio>. I don’t know what empty bridge means, but as I mentioned the XP machine seems to have network access. (although I cannot ping host to xp guest, but I think that may be another issue.)

I then ran the Win7 guest and updated the nic driver to use the virtio drivers from the CD drive. I appeared to work fine. But it cannot connect to the network.

I am very new to virtual machines, so if there is anything additional that needs to be mentioned here please just ask and I will post.

Can anyone suggest something? Thanks.

My answer:

An empty bridge is one that is not connected to any other network. So you have placed your VM on a completely isolated network, not connected to anything else, and thus not capable of communicating with anything. It may as well be unplugged.

(Of course, you aren’t supposed to be doing anything with Windows XP anymore…)

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