CentOS 7 kickstart – Skip media check during unattended installation?

ewwhite asked:

Is there any way to skip the media check screen during unattended text-mode installations of CentOS 7?

I usually install using the minimal ISO, and I’ve noticed that I need to press ESC once or twice to get out of the ISO’s media check.

I don’t have mediacheck or rd.live.check specified anywhere in my kickstart file.

My answer:

The CentOS ISO images include rd.live.check as a boot command line option. If you haven’t rolled your own images, or manually removed this each time you boot, then the media check will occur.

The following appears when booting the CentOS 7.2.1511 netinstall image:

CentOS 7 boot screenshot

To resolve the problem, tap your up arrow key to select “Install CentOS 7” instead of “Test this media & install CentOS 7”.

CentOS 7 boot screenshot

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