Firmware RAID5 and SED on Linux

Jay asked: I have three HDD’s (Seagate ST4000NM0053) in a RAID5 set-up using firmware RAID (RSTe 4.0, IntelĀ® C612 chipset) on Debian 8.4. They are SED, so I would like to set the ATA password. Unfortunately, my motherboard’s ( BIOS […]

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KVM Guest not powering back on

user233179 asked: I have recently setup a homelab with a KVM hypervisor: qemu-kvm-1.5.3-105.el7_2.3.x86_64 libvirt-1.2.17-13.el7_2.4.x86_64 I have almost everything working the way I want it (networking/vnc), but there is something that I cannot figure out and seem to be missing. When […]

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