start dummy X server for user logged remotely

Se6 asked:

I have a server (CentOS6) which has an ATI GPU.
For users to have access to this GPU for computation with OpenCL, they need to have an X session open unfortunately (a restriction on the ATI driver). These users will ssh to the server.

How is it possible for them to start a “dummy” X session on the GPU so that they can access it for computation?
(ssh -X server and launching an app like xclock or whatever does not start an Xsession on the GPU…)

Thanks a lot in advance.

My answer:

If they have the access rights to do so, the remote user should just be able to run something like

X :0 &

The remote user should then be able to run the Bitcoin miner.

If you aren’t running a Bitcoin miner, you really should think about switching to an NVIDIA GPU.

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