Building Android Custom ROM on Remote Web Server

Nitish Saxena asked:

I am a web designer and my field of work requires me to have several web hosting accounts.

I recently got interested into Android development, and the Custom ROM building area. From what I read and learnt, the use of GitHub is very common to sync repositories and other merges. The first time one syncs, it can be as huge as 15-25 GB depending on the source.

Unfortunately, doing so is not financially feasible for me at home. Someone suggested that I use ssh to build on a remote server.

My question is, can I put my web servers to use for building android from source? Sync repositories, compile ROMs and then download the compiled package?

If yes, could anyone please point out a guide where I can learn to do so?

Thank you.

I answered:

There’s no difference between building Android on a remote machine and building it on your own computer, except that you have to copy the resulting binaries back from the remote server to your local computer before you can use them.

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