Auto update working copy SVN – get error "Host key verification failed"

dakiquang asked:

I have a SVN server (UberSVN) and have a test server (Ubuntu 11.10).

I followed the instruction link here for Auto update the working copy’s with Subversion.
Detail, I created a script in post-commit (the commit hook scripts) of Subversion to update svn to tesing server. My script as:

ssh username@ -t -t ‘cd /var/www/ThuChi && svn up’

I tried to launch command as above in terminal then it’s OK to run.

I tried to launch with content is as above, then it’s still OK to run.

But, I add this script in post-commit script of svn (/opt/ubersvn/repositories/ThuChi/hooks/post-commit), i’m commit something then get error

enter image description here

Error “Host key verification failed.”

How to fix it ?

P/S: To automate SSH login with password, I follow the instruction link to config ssh connect to remote machine.

I answered:

The host key stored in $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts on your local machine does not match the host key being advertised by the server at

This may be because that server was reinstalled from scratch and generated a new host key. In that case, just delete the entry from your local known_hosts file and ssh to the host again to capture a copy of the new host key.

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