MySQL Upgrade RPM

Manish Mudgal asked:

I have a centos5.5 system and have MySQL 5.0.27 install. Now I want to upgrade this to MySQL 5.5.28(Latest). I have two questions,

  1. What is the difference between RPM(Redhat) which is recommended and Generic binary tarball. Do they have performance difference, i.e. will the Specific RPM build perform better than generic tarball?

  2. What is the process of RPM upgrade of the same.

My answer:

Beware that the RPMs distributed by MySQL themselves are not binary compatible with your system and will break compatibility with other existing software, as well as breaking the dependency chain that yum maintains. (MySQL intends to fix its RPM packages in version 5.7.)

For people needing an updated version of MySQL, I generally recommend using the remi repository, since he provides packages with maximum backward compatibility that will not break yum (or other things!).

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