Can't access EC2 hosted website

Himanshu Page asked:

For some reason, I am unable to access our website (Bad request nginx). We are hosted on amazon EC2 with elastic IP associated to it. The weird part is

  1. I can access it through the public dns url
  2. My co founder who is located in another city can access it via

I observed that my instance was failing reachability check, so I launched a new one and assigned it the the elastic IP. I tried to ping the IP address from my machine but no success. Any help will be really appreciated.

More details I ran the following command on my server

netstat -lntp | grep -E 'apache|httpd'

and it displays


for httpd . Is this accurate ? Should it be 0:0:0:80? or does it not matter?

My answer:

The problem is you have set the wrong IP address in the DNS.

error@underground ~ $ host has address
error@underground ~ $ host has address

Once you fix this, you should find things start working.

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