“X_FORWARDED_FOR” Header Doesn't Present In The Request

Radi asked:

In my web application I need to extract the real ip address for clients behind proxy, after searching I found that the possible method to do that is to read the content of “X_FORWARDED_FOR” header , I am using java servlet and the headers of the incoming request doesn’t contain “X_FORWARDED_FOR” header , So why the header doesn’t included in the request?

I am using java 1.7 , tomcat v7 , proxy server :TMG and configured to use “X_FORWARDED_FOR” header .

Please advice.

Thanks in advance.

My answer:

TMG doesn’t support X-Forwarded-For out of the box; you need to add a third party web filter such as Winfrasoft X-Forwarded-For for TMG to gain this capability in your TMG reverse proxy.

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