How to completely remove New Relic application

bhttoan asked:

My server is running Centos 5.8 64 bit and I installed New Relic a short while ago to try and solve a few performance issues – as the server is not especially high spec I found it used too much system resources so I removed it using the Purge method as recommended on their site.

Even after doing this I keep getting messages from lfd warning about excess resource usage for New Relic and I dont know how to completely remove it. The warning from lfd is:

Time:         Sat Jan 26 10:31:14 2013 +0000
Account:      XXXXX
Resource:     Process Time
Exceeded:     30712 > 1800 (seconds)
Executable:   /usr/bin/newrelic-daemon
Command Line: /usr/bin/newrelic-daemon -l /var/log/newrelic/newrelic-daemon.log
PID:          1794 (Parent PID:1793)
Killed:       No

How can I get totally rid of New Relic?

My answer:

Did you stop the daemon? Simply uninstalling it would still leave it running.

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