Tunneling my internet connection through a remote server with SSH

Joe asked:

I’m based in the UK and would like to proxy my browser traffic through a CentOS server I have set up in the US. From what I’ve gathered through Google if I execute a command like this on my server:

ssh -C2qTnN -D 8080 username@remote_host

It will set up a SSH tunnel on my server for pointing to username@remote_host. But how do I set up a basic proxy (I don’t need any encryption) so I can plonk in an ip:port into my web browsers proxy settings and proxy through my remote server when browsing the internet?

My answer:

You already did set up the proxy! The -D option causes sshd to run a local SOCKS proxy on the specified port. Now all that remains is for you to configure your browser to use it.

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