`fuse`-like mounts on linux-vserver/openVZ?

Sebastian asked:

I don’t know much about servers or virtualization. However, for the last years, I’ve been using a rented linux-vserver as my backup drive and for recording radio shows through cronjobs.

I ran out of disk space at this provider and always wanted a proxy in the US, so I’m thinking of this 100G openVZ offer.

I know I can’t use lovely fuse inside the linux-vserver to mount the new box. This would be my preferred solution as it allows me to integrate everything seamlessly. Also openVZ by default doesn’t allow this.

Is there a way to configure my servers such that their combined disk space shows up in a single location?

My answer:

Generally your OpenVZ provider only needs to enable the FUSE device /dev/fuse for your container. This is handled more-or-less the same way enabling TUN/TAP support is. Just open a ticket to the provider to have them enable it.

Or if you want things to work out of the box, skip OpenVZ (how do I hate thee, let me count the ways) and use Xen or KVM.

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