apc "open() /www/cache/xxx failed. no such file or directory" error

xecute asked:

I think it’s because APC because I use only APC system for cache. Here is the full log:

 2013/04/23 19:15:05 [error] 539#0: *1305213 open() "/var/www/cache/e4ce8db565491cdcf27ab61a441xxxx" failed (2: No such file or directory), client: 2.83.130.yyy, server: zzz.com, request: "GET /cache/e4ce8db565491cdcf27ab61a441xxxx HTTP/1.1", host: "zzz.com", referrer: "http://zzz.com/aPHPfile"

configuration : nginx, php5-fpm

My answer:

The error message says No such file or directory. And you say that the directory doesn’t exist. So create the directory.

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