Knowing files created / installed after building from source

Chimera asked:

I have a task to complete which involves building a series of libraries from source using configure; make; make install. The generated libraries and misc files are going to be put onto an embedded system compatible with the build environment.

My question is how do I know what files got installed and where so that I can grab them and move them to the embedded environment?

Is a log created by way of running make install? Or do I simply tee the output of make install to a file?

Suggestions, hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.

My answer:

This is the #1 reason to use a packaging system, such as RPM (Red Hat) or deb (Debian).

For embedded Linux systems, the usual package management system is opkg, a successor to ipkg, which is loosely based on the deb format, and is usually easy to adapt from Debian package building instructions.

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