Is there any reason not to switch to BlueHost for ecommerce site?

user3022759 asked:

If I can manage my own company’s website, is there any reason why I shouldn’t move it from a local web-host/server to blue host? I’m currently hosted by a full-service web company, but I’d like more flexibility in the changes I make to my site, and I’ve been learning about web design and I’d like to manage it myself. I made a fake website (using a different domain name)of what the new site would look like were it to be transferred to blue host, and I am confident that I can manage it myself. I just want to know if there are any reasons why it would be unsafe for me to switch over.

My answer:

Yes. It’s pretty much impossible to comply with PCI-DSS on a shared web hosting provider. Which means you can no longer accept credit cards.

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