Transfer Domain between register's do host records stay?

Chris Muench asked:

I don’t think I explained the question clearly enough. I have domains that I registered with goadaddy and my dns is hosted elsewhere. I have 2 different hosts which house my dns records.

One of my domains has host records ns1, ns2 .domainname. These are created on toady to point to my dns servers.

Another domain simply points the name servers to rackspace.

I just want to make sure when I switch domain registers that all these records stay in tact.

My answer:

Your nameservers are unlikely to change unless your registrar is exceptionally stupid, but you will probably lose your glue records and have to set these up again with the new registrar. Do this immediately after the transfer, or while the transfer is still in progress, if possible. There’s not likely to be any immediate impact, since the root nameservers generally cache glue records for quite a while, but it’s still not something you should delay.

Of course, a good registrar will regenerate the glue records for you automatically, but since you haven’t said who your registrar is, it’s impossible to comment further on this.

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