Redirect based on parameter

Moon asked:

I’m trying to redirect a page based on the parameters passed.

I would like redirect

rewrite ^/join_trial to /test? permanent;


rewrite ^/join_trial?discount=free(.*) /test2? permanent;

The first one works, but the second one doesn’t. It looks like nginx doesn’t take (.*) regex.

For the first one, the following cases work.



Basically, you can put anything after /join_trial.

I want to have a redirect when a user appends ?discount=free(anything goes here).

Is this possible with nginx?

My answer:

You can’t match on a query string at all in a rewrite. So you’ll need to check the argument directly.

For instance:

if ($arg_discount ~ ^free) {
    rewrite ^/join_trial /test2? permanent;
rewrite ^/join_trial /test? permanent;

And I suspect you really do not want to be sending 301 redirects, as the user will then see /test or /test2 right in their address bar. Perhaps you really mean to process these URLs internally only? In that case change permanent to last.

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