How to get SRIOV network pool with multiple PFs

John P. Fisher asked:

For an Ubuntu 12.04 server and KVM/libvirt 1.0.0 with an Intel 82599 network chip:

following these docs:

I can get a single pool of SRIOV networks on one PF ( eth0 for example) but when I try to get four pools, or a pool with four PFs, I get an error. “Duplicate ID ‘hostdev0’ for device” … (I am able to get four PFs for each VM via manually specifying using the hostdev stanza in the create xml file.)

My temp network xml is:

   <forward mode='hostdev' managed='yes'>
     <pf dev='eth0'/>

And it seems that I need to name the hostdevs 0..3 but I don’t see how?

My answer:

The documentation states that you need libvirt 0.10.0 for this feature, but Ubuntu 12.04 LTS contains 0.9.8. You will need to upgrade to use this feature.

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