How to open my virtual machine to the Internet

user211174 asked:

I have problem, basicly cause im suck in English and TCP/IP things.
I have CentOS 5.9 running on my host server. With eth0 interface.
I have 4 additional IP with eth0:0 eth0:1 etc..
I have Mask with broadcast ip.

I installed CentOS 6.5 on vmx (vmware). Run this machine by VMPlayer in bridge, host-only, nat things. And I was trying to show this machine to Internet.. Accessing to his IP through outside.

I tryied:
Host Machine:
ifconfig eth0:3 down
on Guest Machine configure the free IP with broadcast and other things expect gateway.
(Bridge Mode)

HostOnly method:
Give Open IP to my Guest, add IP forwarding on my server, > IP ROUTE ADD GUESTIP VIA INTERNALIP…

And I failed to open my virtual machine to the Internet. Also I tried IP TABLES, SNAT, DNAT. But I suck in IPTables so. Help me..

If there is variant where I can forward 80,22,443 ports only on eth0:3 its also good help me alot. Thx.

Sorry For my Bad english.

I answered:

Configure your virtual network in bridged mode, but do not assign the IP address on the host. Only assign the IP address in the guest.

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