Nginx proxy cache 301 redirects but ignore querystring

dlrust asked:

We have a lot of ad-based traffic that pass various query string params on the URL, but these do not affect the content/output of the pages.

I currently have the following nginx proxy cache configuration, which passes uncached requests to another backend server that actually returns the content.

proxy_cache_key    "$request_method@$scheme://$host:$server_port$uri";
proxy_cache_valid  200 15m;
proxy_pass         http://backend;

I am just using the $uri and not the $args within the cache key so that both of the following would pull from the same cache, which is working great

But, if I start caching the 301 redirect responses from the backend server

proxy_cache_valid  301 15m;

Then we start caching the 301’s returned from the backend server, using the non-arg cache key which causes a problem because:

    the first request to
redirects to...

but or
pulls from the cache and redirects to...

Is there a way to have the 301 redirects cached that ignore the querystring and just passthrough whatever querystring params are present on the request?

My answer:

Based on the semantics of what these URLs do, I think it would be best if nginx did not attempt to cache these requests at all; rather, to always pass them up to your application, so that you can do the appropriate tracking.

Fortunately this is a one-liner:

proxy_no_cache $arg_aid;

will bypass the nginx cache and pass the request up to your app if the aid argument is present in the query string.

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