How do I restore the default bashrc?

Nickolai Leschov asked:

I have accidentally overwritten .bashrc. I did the following

echo 'export EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano' >> /etc/bashrc

Bur I accidentally typed > instead of >>. I guess, it was a bad idea.

I am still able to log in by using this trick (hit Ctrl+C before the .bashrc will be fully executed). But how do I restore it to the default .bashrc?

I’m running CentOS 6.5 x86_64. If the default bashrc file is there in the distribution somewhere, I cannot find it.

My answer:

Move the damaged file out of the way, then reinstall the package that provides the damaged file.

mv /etc/bashrc /etc/bashrc.damaged
yum reinstall $(rpm -qf /etc/bashrc)

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