using nginx with SNI

justlovingIT asked:

By now I’ve not used SNI with nginx yet. But as IP address pools are quite filled and commercial XP support is about to cease (finally) I’m thinking about converting a few sites to SNI.

I’m aware of the general limitations and pitfalls that might come along with SNI (XP issue, very old browsers). But beyond that is there anything I should be aware of?

– nginx related pitfalls when using SNI
– issues/bugs with recent (notable!) browsers

My answer:

If your version of nginx shows TLS SNI support when you do nginx -V then you’re ready to go.

If you want to run your server without regard to the IP address, then don’t use an IP address in the SSL web server‘s listen directives to use SNI for that virtual host.

For instance, change:

listen ssl;


listen 443 ssl;

Even if you do use an IP address, SNI will be used anyway, for all servers which are listening on the same IP address.

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