What does the SMTP status 250 BONHAM COOLED BY FIRE mean?

bjmc asked:

I noticed this in my email server logs recently:

status=sent (250 OK BONHAM COOLED BY FIRE …)

I searched, and the only reference I could find anywhere else on the internet was in this anonymous bpaste:

Aug 23 03:57:56 emailer1 postfix/smtp[2028]: 64B5774FA4: to=, relay=mxi3p.craigslist.org[]:25, delay=12, delays=1.1/0.01/9.5/1, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 OK BONHAM COOLED BY FIRE (95194B88-D96B-4473-89DB-7222F04B088B.1))

My log entry is also from the Craigslist remailer. Is this just a funny, jokey custom status code that only Craigslist uses?

Does anyone know what it means? Is it a reference to John Bonham of Led Zeppelin?

My answer:

250 means that the message was accepted for delivery. The human-readable portion of it can say anything, and it appears that this is someone’s attempt at humor.

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