Is it okay to automatically answer emails in a funny way?

maximilian asked:

As an example:

If the mail comes from an address, then the systems responds with “why would we want to read your mail if you don’t let us reply”.

Is this accepted behavior in the net community or can we get in trouble for it?

My answer:

Don’t do this for yet another reason.

The noreply address (which bounces) is meant to prevent anyone from receiving a reply to automatically generated emails.

By coincidence, just last night I received such an email from a user of a website I admin, because the autogenerated mail had the return address of, instead of a noreply address. I received several of them, in fact, profanity laced all-caps screaming with dozens of exclamation points, all intended for someone else.

Naturally, I firewalled his IP address and reconfigured the app to use a more appropriate noreply address.

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