Access local console via SSH

gorootde asked:

I am searching for a way to interact with a local console via SSH – just as you would do with an directly connected keyboard.

In my particular case I got a debian server (console only, no X system) which displays several textual values on tty1. There are not input devices attached to this computer, just a single display. The configuration is done over ssh. Commands executed in SSH should show up on tty1.

Is there a way to interact with tty1 in the same manner as a VNC session would do on a X-Window system?

My answer:

If it’s an actual server, it will have out of band management (IPMI) features which will allow you to access the system console. For instance Dell servers call it iDRAC, HP servers have iLO, etc.

If your server has no such functionality then you can connect an IP KVM device to it.

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