Is there any way to force a refresh on a DNS server?

Technoh asked:

I manage several websites, servers and domains and we recently migrated our DNS server after an emergency. Now some domains have their NS servers pointing to the wrong IP according to some (Internet) DNS servers. I thought the situation would resolve itself when propagation was complete but it has been more than 72 hours and the problem is still affecting these domains.

The domain name, for example, should resolve to IP and has NS servers and correctly resolves to However, if you use a website such as DNSWatch, which only does live DNS requests, you’ll notice that the IP address for is This is the old server’s IP and it has been offline since Monday June 30, 2014.

Some networks will resolve the problematic domains properly, some are still trying to reach the old server’s IP. Is there any way I can speed up the transition? Will this even sort itself out by itself?

Note: I know our current DNS configuration does not conform to best practices (both servers in same class, etc.) and we have plans to fix all this once all domains work properly.

My answer:

You seem to have mismatched glue records for the domain Those nameservers themselves are returning the correct information, if you know where to find them, but the root nameservers still seem to have old addresses for them.

To resolve this, the owner of must update the glue records with the domain regsitrar.

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