How can I install CentOS 7.0 from shell after booting from Live CD?

roartechs asked:

I downloaded the Gnome version of CentOS 7.0 and booted it in a VM using VirtualBox. The mouse didn’t work right so when I tried to launch the “Install to Hard Disk” task, nothing happened.

I rebooted the VM and appended 3 to the kernel boot options to boot into the console instead of the GUI desktop. So now I’m at a root shell prompt, but what program can I launch to run the text installer so that I can install the OS on disk?

My answer:

Use the DVD or Everything images or the netinstall image to install, instead of the Live CD that you are trying to use. You then have access to the regular installer. The Live CD does not include anaconda, the installation program, but only a custom installer that installs only that particular system image.

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