New 2012r2 hyper-v cluster, GUI or server core?

jeremy asked:

I have not worked with a Server Core install before. We will soon be moving from old hardware running Server 2012 (with GUI) for our hyper-v cluster to new hardware and plan to install Server 2012r2. I have read that going Server Core is better for system resources and security.

In this specific instance – using these machines as a cluster to run hyper-v machines, should I use Server Core, or full install with GUI?

edit: Sorry folks, there are suggestions that this is more subjective than objective. I was not sure if there is a Best Practices here. Thanks for the support.

My answer:

The Hyper-V service on Server 2012/2012 R2 has no need of the GUI, and it is easily managed from a nearby 8.1 workstation with RSAT, PowerShell or whatever.

(Indeed, the Hyper-V Server product is so stripped down it doesn’t include the GUI at all, nor many other things.)

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