ImageMagick using openJPEG 2.0 and CentOS 6.5

Ben asked:

I’m currently working on a CentOS 6.5 server. I’m trying to use openjp2 as one of the delegates in ImageMagick.

Since openjpeg for CentOS is outdated (1.3), I’ve installed a new one using RPM package.

$ find /usr | grep openj
find: `/usr/lib64/audit': Permission denied

Next, I’m trying to build IM version 6.8.8-2 using the following configure settings.

./configure --prefix=/usr --with-modules --with-openjp2 --with-jpeg --with-png --with-tiff --enable-shared --disable-static

However, during the checking (logs), I found this.

checking for LIBOPENJP2... no

And the result delegates are:

bzlib djvu mpeg fontconfig freetype gslib jng jpeg lcms openexr png ps rsvg tiff x xml zlib

Running ./configure --help, I saw some flags you can pass.

  C compiler flags for LIBOPENJP2, overriding pkg-config
    linker flags for LIBOPENJP2, overriding pkg-config

Is there something that I need to specify during the ./configure? It looks like IM cannot see the installed openjpeg.


My answer:

You didn’t mention exactly what package you installed, but your error indicates that you didn’t install its related -devel package, which is necessary to compile software against it.

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