How to include cinnamon via kickstart in CentOS 7

Simply Seth asked:

I’m trying to install cinnamon via kickstart in CentOS 7.

In previous versions of CentOS/RHEL there was the %packages –resolvedeps options

This option is no longer available.

I have the following for repos:

repo --name=epel --baseurl=
repo --name=rdo-release --baseurl=

I also have:

%packages --ignoremissing

Am I missing something?

The Screen Grab is below.

VirtualBox Screen Capture

My answer:

You’re trying to install from the installation DVD, which due to space constraints doesn’t contain every possible package. To install packages that aren’t on the DVD during installation, you’ll need to do a network installation instead, generally from a local mirror accessible via NFS or HTTP, or a public mirror.

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