Puppet not recognising packages (which exist in yum) in Centos

timhc22 asked:

I am trying to install a package in Centos using puppet.

The package can be installed using yum install (sudo yum install bash-completion), but puppet says it doen’t exist! (I have had this problem when trying to install several other packages too).

Here is what I am using:

    file { '/etc/bash_completion.d/symfony2-autocomplete.bash':
        ensure => present,
        owner => 'vagrant',
        group => 'vagrant',
        mode => '0777',
        require => Package['bash-completion'],
        content => template('extras/symfony2-autocomplete.bash'),

Is there a list of puppet packages available? (or maybe have I forgotten to include something somewhere?)


My answer:

On CentOS 6, bash-completion is in the EPEL repository. You either forgot to add EPEL, or your manifest is trying to install bash-completion before adding the EPEL repo.

It’s in the base repositories in CentOS 7.

Oh, and your file ownership and permissions are wrong, but you probably knew that already…

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