Move PERC5I and RAID Array from Gen 2 to Gen 3 2950

Erle asked:

I have two 2950 servers, one Gen 2 and one Gen 3. The Gen 2 server has a failed motherboard DT021, and a lot of important data. The Gen 3 box is currently unused. It has a DP246 motherboard.

My question: Is it possible and safe to move the PERC5I WX072 controller and RAID 5 array drives from the Gen 2 box to the Gen 3 box and retain the RAID array intact? Is this a fairly safe procedure, and is there anything to watch out for?

Thank you for your help!

My answer:

Yes, this should work fine. The RAID configuration is stored on the card and on the disks themselves, and is not dependent on the motherboard.

If you don’t reconnect the drives in the same order, then you might have to reimport the array, but that’s pretty trivial.

The most probable way to lose data in this scenario is by dropping all the hard drives on the floor.

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