Is there a simple way to export/import firewalld settings?

ludek michera asked:

Is there a simple way to export/import firewalld settings? I’d like to set firewalld on one server an then use the same for a lot of others. Including adding custom zones, direct rules etc.

My answer:

Firewalld stores its configuration in /etc/firewalld and within that directory you can find various configuration files:

  • firewalld.conf provides overall configuration.
  • Files in the zones directory provide your custom firewall rules for each zone.
  • Files in the services directory provide custom services you have defined.
  • Files in the icmptypes directory provide custom icmptypes you have defined.

There is a matching directory structure in /usr/lib/firewalld which provides the defaults for zones, services and icmptypes, in case you want to start customizing from a template, or simply see what the files look like.

The firewall configuration of the main services (ftp, httpd, etc) comes in the /usr/lib/firewalld/services directory. But it is still possible to add new ones in the /etc/firewalld/services directory. Also, if files exist at both locations for the same service, the file in the /etc/firewalld/services directory takes precedence.

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