unable to install npm on the AWS RHEL7 AMI because of c-ares-devel dependency

Leonardo Gonzalez asked:

I’ve added the EPEL repository and attempted to install npm (since it is not included in the standard repos), but get the following error:

Error: Package: nodejs-devel-0.10.33-1.el7.x86_64 (epel)
           Requires: c-ares-devel(x86-64)

No package c-ares-devel available. when I try to install that.

Adding RPMForge repo does not help.

yum --skip-broken install npm just skips the npm package.

The c-ares package is installed but does not seem to meet the c-ares-devel dependency.

My answer:

The c-ares-devel package is in the RHEL optional channel. You need to make sure you enable this channel.

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