CoreOS hostname on reboot

Rick asked:

Recently, I created a CoreOS droplet on DigitalOcean. Everything works well, except for the fact that I’m not able to change the hostname of my VPS. When I change the hostname to what it should be using sudo hostnamectl set-hostname (the documented way of doing so), it indeed changes the hostname system-wide (e.g. /etc/hostname reflects the new hostname). However, when I reboot the VPS, the hostname gets reverted to what it used to be.

It might not be a coincidence, but the hostname always reverts to the original name of the droplet. I’ve already changed that name about one week ago to the correct hostname. I have read stories about DHCP influencing the hostname on reboot, but I’m not able to find a solution to avoid that on CoreOS.

How to change the hostname of CoreOS in such a way that it will remain the same after a reboot?

Thanks in advance!

I answered:

CoreOS uses cloud-init to configure each machine in your fleet, and cloud-init reconfigures the hostname if told to do so in its configuration file (by default /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg). You also need to change the hostname in this file, or remove the hostname configuration entirely.

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