How many hours of SMART power on hours use should a new hard drive have?

user146969 asked:

Purchased a new HGST hard drive. Using smartctl on OS X the new drive shows 71 hours of power on hours

Does this make sense or is this a sign of a refurbished drive? I can’t imagine why the manufacturer would need it powered on for almost 3 days. I can confirm these values are not minutes or seconds (they have not changed)

Model Family:     Hitachi Ultrastar 7K4000
Device Model:     Hitachi HUS724020ALE640
User Capacity:    2,000,398,934,016 bytes [2.00 TB]

  9 Power_On_Hours          0x0012   100   100   000    Old_age   Always       -       71

My answer:

You may see a number of power-on hours on a new drive. It is normal for drive manufacturers to test their drives prior to shipping.

For instance, WD RE drives are burn-in tested:

Each drive is put through extended burn-in testing with thermal cycling to ensure reliable operation.

Hitachi is less specific about your particular drive, though they do say:

Engineered for the highest quality, the Ultrastar 7K4000 is put through grueling design tests during development and must pass stringent ongoing reliability testing during manufacturing.

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