Can I use include and redirect in same SPF record?

rahoolm asked:

My current SPF record is as below

Host                  Value                                   TTL   "v=spf1" 1 Day  

I am using 2 free email offered by the hosting provider. Now I have got a VPS where I have created email server. The thing is I want to create new email addresses for my domain and add a proper SPF and DKIM record.

I tried to use mx a in the SPF record, but then everything stopped working, even the 2 free emails.

Is it right to use include as well as redirect in same SPF record?
Or would like to know what should be the right way to do this? I do not want my email should land up in spam / junk mails. Also, if this is impossible is it possible to use Gmail to Send Email as

I am quite confused, read many articles but was not able to get the answer.
Other settings are as below
MX records

Priority    Host                MX Entry                    TTL
100    1 day
100    1 day
100    1 day

CNAME records

Alias Host                      Canonical Host                  TTL    1 day       1 day       1 day        1 day 

My answer:

Per RFC 7208:

You can use any mechanism with redirect except for the all mechanism.

Note that it doesn’t make much sense to use redirect unless you are redirecting to records for a domain that is also under your control. If a third party asks you to do this, beat them over the head with a copy of the RFC; they should generally be asking you to include instead.

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