How to make my HP server boot faster?

GregC asked:

I have an HP ProLiant DL370 G6 server that I am using as a workstation. It takes 60 seconds during reboot and cold boot before screens post with a discrete Radeon HD6xxx GPU. What can I do to make it boot faster?

I have had a chance to use HP Gen8 server. It posts quickly and shows various CPU/memory/QPI initialization steps. Still takes a long time, but at least I can see what’s going on.

My answer:

Use kexec to reboot your server. This skips the pre-boot procedures entirely, and reboots into a Linux kernel at the end of the Linux shutdown process, rather than resetting the hardware and going to POST.

Unfortunately kexec is a bit cumbersome to use, so I wrote a script to make it easier to work with: kexec-reboot will allow you to choose a kernel from your grub boot list, or simply kexec the latest available kernel.

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