Installing Samplicator on CentOS

Eric asked:

I’m trying to install Samplicator to test Netflow central collector and then forwarding to other collectors from there. I mainly want to use Samplicator due to it being able to easily sample the Netflow data and/or send the full raw feed.

When I download it from the github repo, there is no configure file by default like the install instructions say. I’ve tried using autoconf and various automake commands to get configure to show up and it does finally, but says

config.status: error: cannot find input file: `'

Has anyone else had experience installing this software recently? I know it hasn’t been updated in quite a while.


My answer:

Projects usually include a bootstrap script that generates the necessary GNU autoconf environment. These files aren’t checked into git, so you’ll need to run the script to generate them yourself.

Unfortunately this particular project includes no such script, so you’ll have to do it yourself. These items need to be run to generate configure and its necessary friends:


Depending on the program, they may also need various options passed to them. Contact the program author if you have trouble.

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