during snapshot merging… are deleted transactions ignored?

Flo Woo asked:

If i take a snapshot in vmware/vbox for example and soon after i delete a 5GB file.. the snapshot delta file will grow +5GB with the deleted files content to allow it to be recovered by restoring the snapshot.

If later on rather than restoring the snapshot i choose to delete the snapshot so it merges the delta file with the base disk. As i understand, it will bring the base disk in-sync by replaying/merging the create/modify transactions from the snapshot.

What is the logic for the 5GB file that resides in the snapshot ? It won’t be recreated on the base disk during the merge. How does it know to skip over this file during the merge ? Does it just look for the inode existing ?


My answer:

You’ve got it exactly backward:

If you revert to your snapshot, then whatever is in it is replayed (in reverse) and merged to the volume from which the snapshot was taken. This makes the volume identical to the snapshot, and the snapshot is destroyed.

If you delete the snapshot, nothing at all is merged; the snapshot is simply destroyed and your volume, which already has the current state of your filesystem, is unchanged.

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