Creative way to shrink a live ext4 filesystem from cloud provider?

Jasmine Lognnes asked:

When buying droplets, as DigitalOcean calls their cloud VM’s, they are always configured with one large ext4 partition.

I have an app that needs an LVM partition, so I need a creative way to shrink the root partition to e.g. 25%, and use the rest for LVM. I can do it on a fresh instance, where I can reboot all I want.

For performance reasons I really would like to avoid a loop device, where I create an LVM partition in a file on top of ext4.


Can someone come up with a creative way to shrink a live ext4 filesystem, where reboots are fine?

My answer:

For Digital Ocean in particular, you can boot the droplet into a rescue image.

For older distributions that boot from an external kernel, you can select to boot it into a rescue image yourself.

For newer distributions that boot from a kernel inside the droplet, you can file a support ticket to have the rescue image mounted as an ISO. Once you are done with your operations, update the support ticket to have the rescue image removed, and reboot.

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